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wintergr3y ([personal profile] wintergr3y) wrote2011-06-28 12:17 pm

My time with the Google+ Project

You may have seen an announcement today from Google about some new social functionality. I'm proud to say I was involved with the Google+ Project.

Between my time working on iGoogle and my current work on Google Mobile & Android, there was a period of time where I wasn't telling my friends what I was working on. Well, this is it: the Google+ Project. I was closely involved with the Circles team, and did a lot of behind the scenes work with other teams on preparing to support this effort.

Today's press coverage on the announcement is fun to read. My favorite article so far is the coverage from Wired. It's a great look inside the development of the project. I've never worked in a start up before, but I imagine it feels a lot like working on Google+ did: crazy, scrappy, and speed-of-light changes.

I'm really happy to see this out in public now, and I can't wait for my friends and family to start playing with it. Right now it's only available to a limited group of people and I can't send invites at this time. A few of my friends should get invites later today, and the rest of you should hopefully make it in soon.

I'll be spending the next few days helping gather feedback about Google+ on mobile platforms, a perfect combination of my recent Google experience. :-)

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Please tell me I get to be first to show you this... :)

Already accepted, putzed around, and sent feedback!

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Sorry, ma'am, but my brother and about 6 of my coworkers beat you to it. :-)

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I like Google +. It's simpler in design in way that doesn't reduce functionality. Despite being in Beta, there are not sudden unannounced big front end changes like in some other social networks that are supposedly past beta.
My frustration is that what keeps me doing anything at all on Facebook is not any allegiance to Facebook, they are kinda jerks, it's that many of my friends are there and I really don't like the use of friends to keep me in a place I don't particularly like.