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I love my job: iGoogle at Comic-Con

Today I'm giddy with one of my proudest moments working for Google lo these 5 years. I've been working with the iGoogle team (mostly in an advisory capacity) to prepare Google's participation in Comic-Con and comicbookdom in general.

First off, we've partnered with lots of comics producers who've created 50 gorgeous comic book iGoogle themes. You can find them at

Secondly, today's homepage doodle features DC Comics heroes drawn by the legendary Jim Lee. Probably my most favorite homepage doodle ever. It's found at the Classic Google homepage at

I was the guy on the iGoogle team that new the most about superhero comics, so this was a ton of fun Never before have I contributed to something that does such a great job of combining one of my favorite hobbies with my favorite job. I hope you enjoy them.

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So you knew about this before I told you about it this morning. Is that what you are saying?

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Yes I've been working on this project for weeks. :-)

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that is so cool! i hadn't seen the logo so i signed out and it's awesome!

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Wow. That IS an awesome doodle.

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That is truly fantastic. One of the few things I've heard about that would make me consider working for Google instead of what I'm doing now. :)

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I like the details. For example, Batman is on the big G and Robin is in the smaller g. And of course Plastic Man stretches himself to make two letters. :)