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In case some of you haven't heard Karen, Crystal, and I are buying a house together. We'd expected to be searching for weeks, but came across the perfect home after only a couple of weekends out house hunting. We just signed all the paperwork and should have the keys in a few days. There's tons of work to do to get out of our old places and into the new house, but we're really excited about this new home together. The whole process has been amazingly fast.
As part of the loan approval process we had to write a letter to the bank explaining why the three of us wanted to do this. I'm really proud of what we came up with and thought it would serve as a good explanation to all of our friends. And so, without further ado...

Motivation Letter, May 13, 2011
Paul, Karen, and Crystal are purchasing a house because they want to live together in a home that is big enough for three adults and close to work, friends, family, and amenities.

Over the past eleven years, Karen and Crystal have made a life together. As best friends, we decided years ago that we wanted to travel the world, cook, sew costumes while watching historical and sci-fi movies, drink fabulous wine, and grow old together while living the good life. To that end, we rented an apartment together for three years, then purchased our townhouse where we have been for almost eight years.

About nine years ago, Paul and Karen started seeing each other. We met during Irish dancing lessons, but quickly learned we shared not only a love of dance but of science fiction movies, fantasy novels, technology, travel, fine dining, wine tasting, and more. Our relationship blossomed quickly, and we’ve been a solid couple for years. We also work at the same company, having both acquired jobs at Google before the company went public.

Paul and Crystal became great friends independent of Karen, and all three of us spend a great deal of time together. Paul quickly realized that one of the most beautiful things about Karen is the special bond that she shares with Crystal. This presented a unique challenge: how to grow the romantic relationship without disturbing Karen and Crystal’s friendship? We decided we wanted to explore how we all could live together.

We’ve been working toward this goal for a few years. We needed to save up the money and Google stock needed for the down payment. We needed a favorable market so that we could afford the house we wanted (3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, a living room and a family room) in the neighborhood that we wanted. Most importantly, we had time to be sure that living together would work out - we went on several long trips together to test our compatibility in close quarters and under trying circumstances.

When we saw the property at [redacted], we fell in love with the house instantly. The layout is perfect for us, with spaces for the activities we enjoy together as well as room for us each to have our own space when needed. The location is great as well: it means a much shorter commute for Karen, possibly a quicker one for Paul as he and Karen will carpool, and an easier one for Crystal as she will cover the same distance but without crossing a bridge and paying a toll every day. Additionally, we will be located only ten to fifteen minutes drive from most of our friends as well as Paul’s mother’s house, and easy walking distance to shops and restaurants which we enjoy.

For all of these reasons, we’re ready to buy this house and move our family to the next stage of our lives, finally sharing a home that matches all of our needs and life goals.
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